The Rand McNally GPS is Great for RV Owners

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One RV GPS That Does It All


When I first bought my Class A Diesel Pusher I was worried about bridge clearances and weight restrictions, I have a friend who is a full time Trucker in Canada and the US. He told me that the Rand McNally GPS is a great choice for Truckers and RV owners. I was amazed that it was a tablet with Wi Fi, a dash cam, a back-up monitor and a lot of Apps related to travelling. You just punch in your current statistics, such as height, length, weight if known, and it calculates the best route, as well as, avoiding low bridges or weight restrictions. I bought the identical version of his unit made just for RVs.


With the Rand McNally GPS if you choose a route that may be difficult for your RV, it will tell you. Mine also calculates my gas consumption, has checklists for safety before you leave and another checklist for things you may not want to forget. It seems that this GPS does everything I want it to do and even allows me to check my Email and Online Social Media Apps. I had some trouble at first with it not staying charged enough to run continually but found out it was my DC to USB adapter that wasn’t supplying enough power. A higher output adapter fixed it right away. My fault for using a phone adapter on a tablet.

View It On Any HD Monitor

I have found over the years that the bigger the GPS screen the more it costs. On the unit I have, there is an HD outlet. I have a pull down 12 in. monitor above my dash and I plug it into there so my wife can have the tablet. That means myself or anyone behind me, can still view the GPS on the bigger screen while she is setting things up on the tablet. Mine is an 8 in. tablet so it is big enough to see well without the additional screen, but I do enjoy the option of being able to plug it into anything with an HD input. The GPS works really well and gives me lots of notice of exits with a split screen diagram of my turn or exit ahead. It is always calculating time and distance to my destination and has a digital speedometer that warns me when I am speeding. I have been very happy with my Rand McNally GPS and hope to use it for years to come. 

Thank you for reading.

Dick Wright

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    Sounds like a great tool to have!

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